The Most Common Ways NY Small Businesses Land In Court & Ways To Avoid The Court Room

Everyday, New York small businesses are served with lawsuits that could have been avoided had they implemented some simple practices that help avoid the court room. On average, a business making $1 million per year will spend about 2%, or about $20,000, per year in legal fees. That means many small businesses pay more, and some spend a lot more, than the average. Since every business needs to keep expenses down to survive, business owners need to recognize the most common legal pitfalls out there that result in litigation: Sued By An Employee: Employment disputes are some of the most common lawsuits that small businesses face because they come in many forms, including employment discrimination claims, wage claims, claims of unsafe work conditions and many more. Most often, such suits are based on some violation or misunderstanding of your business’s employment practices.  Infringement of IP Rights: Businesses often collaborate and share information

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