Federal Trademark Basics: What You Can Learn From The “New York Fashion Week” Trademark Controversy

A growing controversy over the use of a widely-known phrase in the New York fashion industry is a perfect example of why you need to protect your trade names and marks immediately. If you are fashion-forward, or a New York resident, then you have probably heard of the phrase “New York Fashion Week,” which signifies a week-long grouping of events where designers reveal their latest creations put on by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (“CFDA”) and WME-IMG (formerly known as William Morris Endeavor.) Recently, CFDA and WME-IMG were sued by Fashion Week, Inc. for infringing upon its use of the trademarked phrase “New York Fashion Week.” The lawsuit follows a ruling from earlier this year by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) determining that CFDA and WME-IMG do not have legal rights to the name. In that trademark proceeding, CFDA argued that the trade organization and “its predecessors-in-interest

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