NY Legal Protection For Employees With Disabilities In New York

As part of our ongoing series of postings bringing awareness to certain laws every New York business owner must know, we bring your attention to laws that protect employees with disabilities. (For other stories in this series, you can read our posts about best practices to avoid age discrimination and New York’s new laws involving family and medical leave.) The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers in many cases to provide a “reasonable accommodation” to employees with disabilities.  The law, as amended by the ADA Amendments Act, protects employees from job discrimination based on: Physical or mental disability; Recorded history of disability or impairment; or A substantial impairment that limits a major life activity (defined in the law as hearing, seeing, speaking, walking, breathing and many other manual tasks – broadly defined). Having a disability covers only half of the standard.  Employees making a discrimination claim based upon ADA must also

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