IP Infringement vs. Fair Use? Protecting Federal Trademarks in New York State

Seems like a lot of high-profile trademark issues are happening all over New York. A recent federal matter outlines the basics of federal trademark litigation and the arguments a New York business may use to attempt to enforce a trademark against a violator of your trademark. A federal judge in New York State recently ruled that The Car-Freshner Corporation – which makes the pine tree-shaped air fresheners that hang in millions of vehicles across the country –  has demonstrated that it may lay claim to the tree-shaped symbol through its various federal trademark registrations and more than 60 years. Car-Freshner claims that Sun Cedar, a non-profit business based out of Kansas, violated the Lanham Act and New York Law by making and marketing a car air-freshener in the same tree-shape and using a virtually identical symbol that Car-Freshner has registered as its trademark as early as 1961. It further argued

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