Collecting Unpaid Invoices in New York: New York Collection Law Basics

Forbes has a great article on best invoicing practices.  The Forbes article noted, in part, that: “First, standardize your business practices. Draw up a contract for every job, every client, every time. A contract should include a description of the work, payment information, and payment schedule. This will also help clients feel comfortable that you will uphold your end of the deal, as “deadbeating” can go both ways. Decide how to accept payment– many professionals suggest taking a down-payment (up to 50%) before the start of any project, and collecting the balance upon completion, before turning over any goods or services to your client. Take action! Bill your clients on time and address non-payment immediately. Send a late payment notice notifying them of the date you will follow up with legal action. Within your area’s statutory limits, pursue non-payment in small claims court, or work with a collection agency or

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