Trump Administration Challenges New York City Gun Laws

The Trump administration filed, recently, a brief challenging the perennially controversial NY Gun Law. The brief filed by the Trump administration argued that NY Gun Laws created by the NYPD known as the “transport ban” is unconstitutional, alleging that it contradicts the Second Amendment rights to “keep and bear arms.” The “transport ban” as referred by the Trump administration, forbids licensed handgun and pistol owners from moving weapons outside the address that they used for their gun license. Gun control in New York City has a history of controversy, from the Sullivan Act in 1911, to the NY SAFE ACT in 2013. The heavy penalties imposed by these acts aimed to restrict and discourage people who own guns both legally and illegally from moving their gun outside their homes. It’s already hard to get a gun license in New York City, and even if someone was to obtain a license

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