No, You Cannot Take a “Ballot Selfie” in New York

  With the Presidential election looming in a few weeks, here is a reminder that taking a “ballot selfie” to show your social media circles how you voted in New York is actually illegal. Recent published reports note that federal courts recently struck down bans on ballot selfies in New Hampshire and Indiana led us to research what exactly the law is in New York. Election Law 17-130 states, in part: Any person who … makes or keeps any memorandum of anything occurring within the booth, or directly or indirectly, reveals to another the name of any candidate voted for by such voter; or shows his ballot after it is prepared for voting, to any person so as to reveal the contents … is guilty of a misdemeanor.  While the law does not specifically mention photographs, New York is one of 18 states that prohibits “ballot selfies” which is a

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