Firing an Employee in NY? Exceptions to NY “At Will” Employee Law

If your New York business hires employees in NY, then it is essential that you know what hiring someone as an employee “at will” in New York is and what rights and protections at-will employees are afforded under New York At-Will Employment Law. New York is generally considered an “employment at will” state.  This means that a private sector employer can hire and fire an employee at will (as the company pleases).  The discharged NY employee will usually have little to no legal recourse and even when the firing is facially unreasonable.  In short, the employee may be fired for any or even no reason (with the exceptions noted below). Exceptions to General New York At-Will Employment Rule Union Contract If the employee is a union member and employed under a union contract, then s/he is entitled to the protections written into the respective contract and/or collective bargaining agreement. Employee

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