NY Agency Law Basics: Obtaining an agent to distribute your products in New York

New York Agency law deals with the relationship between an “agent,” and a “principal.” An agency relationship forms when a principal asks an individual to act on behalf of the principal and the action of the agent may bind the principal in some way.  Agency, in short, is a fiduciary relationship where an agent acts for a principal subject to control of the principal. Under these circumstances, a principal will be liable for contracts entered into by agents when (1) the a fiduciary relationship exists between an agent and principle  (2) the agent acted with some kind of authority, and (3) a contractual obligation is created between the agent and a third party.  The idea of authority can be a tricky one to nail down. Actual, Apparent  & Inherent Authority to Act for a Principal in New York An agency relationship can be, and often is, enforced by written agreements

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