New York Non-Compete Agreements

The validity of a non-compete agreement in New York is measured in light of relevant principles and the particular facts and circumstances surrounding your business. Non-compete clauses are commonly found in employment agreements across many industries regardless of size or products / services offered. Non-compete agreements impose restrictions on future employment of employees.  The validity of a specific non-compete clause is taken on a case-by-case basis via courts in New York.  New York courts shall, generally, consider what is reasonable.  Those non-compete agreements that are considered “reasonable” are agreements with: The non-compete clause is no broader than is required to protect the NY business’s legitimate business interests; The non-compete clause does not unduly burden the employee; The non-compete clause does not injure the public; The non-compete clause is not for an unreasonable duration of time; and The non-compete clause has a reasonable and limited geographic scope. If an employee to a

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