NY Tips, Gratuities And Mandatory Service Charges Tax Law Basics: Rules for New York Businesses and Employees

New York businesses and its employees alike can both benefit from learning the rules for NY tips, gratuities and mandatory service charges. Many New Yorkers are tipped employees. Jobs where workers earn tips range from waiters and servers, to hotel employees and those who provide other services like delivery workers. In fact, part of the incentive for New Yorkers to take these kinds of jobs is the possibility that you may be able to earn more in tips than in straight wages. However, very few tipped employees and their employers understand all the applicable wage laws regarding tips, which can get complicated. First, let’s establish what is considered a “tip” or “gratuity” in New York. In its usual everyday meaning, a tip or gratuity is a voluntary payment over and above the charge for products or services (plus tax). Employers do not need to withhold additional funds for Social Security

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