What NYC Businesses Can Learn From The Blue Man Group Royalties Dispute

There are lessons to be learned by fledgling NYC businesses from the recent legal battle over royalties between Blue Man Group and a collaborator. If you are a New Yorker, or a tourist visiting New York City, then you probably know of Blue Man Group, a troupe of street artists that have grown into a global brand.  The group has entertained millions annually.  Recently, a collaborator and songwriter has sued them for breach of a royalty agreement.   Ian Pai’s lawsuit contends that the parties agreed he was entitled to a fixed percentage of box office revenue from performances allocated into a “pool” for composer royalties for 20 songs used in the original Blue Man Group show. Pai alleges that, over time, he noticed a significant decrease in the percentage allocated to the royalty pool and that he is entitled to more money for his songs. Royalties are paid to legal

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