New York Independent Contractor or Employee? Taxi Union Sues Uber

Lawyers, in New York, representing 5,000 Uber drivers in New York City filed a lawsuit in NY on behalf of 10 of these alleged New York employees in federal court in Manhattan last week accusing the ride-share company of depriving these New York drivers of various employment protections they should have by declaring them as “independent contractors” rather than treating them as employees. This New York independent contractor lawsuit is a pivotal case that can lead to changes in Independent Contractor Law/Employment Law in New York.  We suggest a review of your independent contractor agreements by your attorney and, also, advise following this case closely if you have hired independent contractors. Get your New York attorney on this matter immediately. It is essential to have a carefully drafted independent contract agreement and protocols in place to assist in guaranteeing that an independent contractor is not deemed an employee. New York Taxi

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