Termination of New York Commercial Leases based on Violation of New York Law

New York landlords, often, have it tough in New York.  A recent NY court holding leads credence to the understanding that even a single violation of a New York law related to the illegal use of a New York leased property can lead to the the ability of the NY landlord to immediately void the NY lease. New York Real Property Law Eviction for Illegal Use of Property New York Real Property Law Sec. 231(1) allows for a NY landlord to immediately evict a NY tenant for using the leased property, in New York, for the illegal trade, manufacture, or other illegal use.  We suggest, also, having a clause in your New York commercial lease agreement noting that you have the right to evict in order to provide additional credence to this landlord option and, also, to give specific notice to the tenant of this right of the landlord. Application of

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