Partition Actions in New York: NY Real Estate Law Basics

When a dispute occurs with co-owners of real property in New York it is, often, advisable to initiate a partition action. Under New York’ Partition Law, a partition is a remedy available to any person who is a co-owner of New York real property.  Specifically, under N.Y. Real Prop. Acts. Law § 901, the following individuals with New York real property may lawfully apply for a partition of the NY property: A person holding and in possession of real property as joint tenant or tenant in common, in which he has an estate of inheritance, or for life, or for years, may maintain an action for the partition of the property, and for a sale if it appears that a partition cannot be made without great prejudice to the owners. A person holding a future estate as defined in sections forty, forty-a or forty-b of the real property law or a

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