New York Disability Discrimination Laws: NY Employment Law Basics

When an employer, in New York, makes employment decisions based on a disability and not via criteria appropriate under law, the action of the employer may be considered disability discrimination under federal and New York State Law. New York State and New York City Law provides comprehensive protections for employees with disability that employers should be aware of.   The federal U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) is the baseline protection for disabled employees in New York. Generally, under the ADA, employers with 15 or more employees are barred from making employment or hiring decisions based on an employee’s disability.  This federal law is the baseline, while, in many cases, New York Law provides more comprehensive, yet, less certain additional protections via a broader definition of disability and what constitutes a “reasonable accommodation.”  Doing business in New York is like doing business in a minefield if you do not have a

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