Finding an Efficient New York Business Lawyer for your NY Business

We here at Hayes & Simon obtain numerous emails and calls from potential clients in search of a New York business lawyer to act as part-time general counsel.  The majority of these intakes come from referrals from present clients, referrals from other lawyers and some trickle in via this New York Law Blog and the Korean Law Blog. From our contacts, we believe that many smaller businesses in New York are having serious difficulties in finding attorneys in New York that are NY business savvy, have the ability to efficiently work for the client and/or have an inability to handle the specific issues the client is dealing with. This dismal situation seems to stem, primarily, from the high cost of top-notch legal services in NY and the lack of many top-notch New York lawyers working in the startup and growing business space.  This reality is, only, partially true.  Many great

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