Reasons for a New York Landlord to Hire an Real Estate Attorney

If you are a New York landlord that owns or manages one or a few rental properties, then you are unlikely to have a New York lawyer on retainer. To save costs and avoid frustration, landlords should recognize that when these five situations arise, it is time to hire a real estate attorney in New York.  We see too many issues and the issues, normally, fall into one of the following: Evicting a Tenant in NY In New York, an eviction lawsuit is a summary proceeding that takes much less time than other New York civil matters.  But, in exchange for the expedited treatment of cases, landlords must follow detailed court rules to the letter. These rules range from serving proper and timely notice on the tenant to filing the right papers in court with the appropriate legal arguments.  Additionally, landlords should know at the outset that New York Landlord-Tenant

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