Protecting and Capitalizing on your Intellectual Property: IP Law Basics

All businesses, including New York businesses, must take steps to protect their trademarks, brands and other IP. Our international lawyers work throughout Asia and North America and have seen too many issues because of not implementing an IP Protection Strategy, not registering IP, not understanding the domestic value of IP and not considering the global value and differences in foreign law to U.S. law. Here is what we recommend you must do, at a minimum, to secure your IP: Form an IP Audit Team.  Form a team to audit your intellectual property – trademarks, service marks, books, manuals, patents, etc. – to determine what assets you have and what needs to be protected. Your attorney should head, or at least, assist this team. Register your Intellectual Property.  Protect your trademarks by registering them with the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office), which will provide your business, logos, symbols legal

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