Sean Hayes Quoted by News 12 on Death of Carlos Lopez by NYPD Shooting

Our firm’s managing partner, Attorney Sean Hayes is representing, pro bono, the family of Mr. Carlos Lopez who was shot and killed by NYPD.  According to the family of Mr. Lopez, undercover police officers in response to a shooting incident mistook Mr. Lopez as the perpetrator of the shooting and shot and killed Mr. Lopez.  Attorney Hayes is requesting a full investigation of the shooting.  

Photo Courtesy of News12

In a News 12 interview, Attorney Hayes confirmed that new evidence was obtained that shall prove that Mr. Carlos Lopez was not involved in the shooting and that he was mistaken for the real perpetrator of the crime.  

“It was said that someone was fleeing the scene with a black hoodie on, so I think what probably happened here is that police shot the wrong person and had multiple people saying that there was a man leaving the scene with a black hoodie. We don’t have a man that was just shot with a black hoodie and what I think they did… they found a black hoodie. It’s very strange there are no bullet holes,” Attorney Hayes said.  

“What we want is an investigation and a full one. Everyone jumped to the belief that Carlos was the perpetrator of the crime. And there’s so much evidence that he’s not the perpetrator but everyone jumped to that,” Attorney Hayes added. 

If you would like to watch the said interview and read the full news article, please click the link: Brooklyn family calls for justice in slain man’s death after new evidence surfaces.

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