The Halal Guys is suing The Halal Girls for Trademark Infringement in New York

The Halal Guys, a fast casual halal restaurant established in New York City in 1990, filed a lawsuit for trademark infringement against The Halal Girls, in Eastern District Court of New York, on March 2, 2021.

NY Trademark Lawsuit

The Halal Guys accused The Halal Girls of undermining the former’s brand and causing confusion to their customers. The Halal Guys tried to settle the case out of court when it sent a cease and desist letter last August 2020 requesting The Halal Girls to stop using its name and cease the trademark infringement.

Although The Halal Girls communicated that it would change its name, such promise was not met. Hence, in its trademark infringement complaint, The Halal Guys asked that the case be moved before a jury. The complainant also demanded that the ownership of the website and all the profits made by The Halal Girls be transferred to The Halal Guys. Lastly, The Halal Girls shall be liable to pay for attorney’s fees and other costs related to the lawsuit, according to the complaint. We shall update the reader when more becomes known. We suspect, that the Halal Guys shall prevail in this lawsuit.

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