Jury Trials in New York State to Resume this Week

Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, through a video posted in New York court website on 22 March 2021, announced that jury trials for both criminal and civil cases will resume this week throughout the state. The jury trial was suspended last November 2020 in an effort to further curtail the outbreak of Coronavirus disease in New York.

And New York City courts are expecting 19 jury trials for civil cases and 7 jury trials for criminal cases. And for other counties in the New York State, 9 jury trials for civil cases and 18 jury trials for criminal cases are scheduled this week.

The Chief Judge also attributed the decision to resume jury trials due to the ongoing vaccine rollout in New York. And although jury trials are resuming this will not mean that courthouses will be less stringent in applying their COVID protocols. All courts in New York will continue to implement social distancing, use of face mask and other personal protective equipment, and body temperature checking.

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