New York City Ranked 2nd Place on “Judicial Hellhole” List

New York, failing just behind Pennsylvania and just above California ranked 2nd Place on the Judicial Hellhole List for 2020. The Judicial Hellhole List is a ranking by the American Tort Reform Foundation. The full report may be found at: ATR Foundation’s Judicial Hellhole List. While, not all lawyers of this firm agree with all aspects of the report, the report is still worth a read.

New York Judicial Hellhole

The ATR Foundation’s Judicial Hellhole Report notes that New York City:

“New York City businesses face uphill battles on multiple fronts. The courts allow the entrepreneurial plaintiffs’ bar to advance novel theories of liability under state and federal laws like New York’s consumer protection statute and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), while much-needed reforms continue to stall in the state legislature. New York also has overtaken California as the nation’s top “food court” and abuses still riddle New York City’s asbestos litigation. The activist state attorney general is attempting to regulate industries through litigation, and third-party litigation financing companies seek to profit off of the state’s overly-litigious environment. The state also has seen a dramatic increase in excessive verdicts, also known as nuclear verdicts.”

ATR Foundation Judicial Hellhole Report

We shall update the reader if a counter to this report is published.

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