New York Restaurants continue to battle changing COVID Regulations

Restaurants in the Big Apple continue to be at the mercy of changing COVID-19 regulations. A COVID-19 update was issued by the New York City Council earlier this week, putting restaurant operators on notice as new regulations come into effect.

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The new rules mean that orders for takeout can only be placed via email or phone and restaurant patrons dining outdoor can’t use the bathroom inside. Employees would now also be barred from eating inside the restaurant area used by patrons.

The effects of the new regulations have had some devasting effects on the F&B industry in New York City over the last 12 months. The 2020 State of the Chains review, reported that one in seven nationally recognized F&B brands closed their doors in 2020. Manhattan recorded 546 chain closures in the last year.

Some of these closures included Starbucks closing 54 of their 391 outlets.

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