Selling Goods and Services to the NY Government: NY Procurement Law Basics

Opportunities abound for creative and street-smart business to sell services, goods, commodities and technology to NY agencies and municipalities. While, the myriad of laws and regulations seem overwhelming, with a local business-savvy street-smart guide, doing business with the New York State, New York City and other municipalities can be rewarding and lucrative.

Numerous opportunities are available, in New York for the sale of commodities, goods, services, and technology. Obtaining contracts and satisfying the needs of the specific government purchaser/procurement officer is not as difficult as you may think if you have a proactive, street-smart, experienced, connected NY business guide.

The major portals, for New York State, for government contracts can be found at the: New York State Contract Reporter. Another useful tool for NYC is the New York City Small Business Services.

Procurement Law and Due Diligence

Requirements for Doing Business with New York State & NY City

Basics Requirements for Doing Business with a New York Government Agency, Municipality or the New York City government requires a basic scrub of your company. If you have not formed a company, please refer to other articles on this blog related to doing business in New York. The basic scrub done by the procurement officer shall include the:

  1. Financially capability of your company;
  2. The ability of your company to satisfy the contract;
  3. The marketing materials of your company;
  4. Experience in the respective industry;
  5. Legal & organizational structure of the company; and
  6. Compliance by the company, key employees and the principles of the company with applicable law and government regulations.

Have a professional package your company prior to placing any bids. Some simple basics can go a long way in assisting in obtaining the bid and alleviating issues related to satisfying the requirements of the bid.

After obtaining a contract with a NY government entity, it is essential to comply with law, regulations and the contractor your company may face fines, debarment from future bidding or worse – criminal sanctions. Get a proactive street-smart New York lawyer to assist in guiding your company.

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