Cease and Desist Letters are an Efficient Means of Resolving Many Disputes

If you or your business is a victim of trademark infringement, copyright infringement, harassment, breach of contract or another harm, in many cases, a cease & desist letter drafted and sent by a law firm can help in resolving the matter in an amicable manner and with little cost. We have sent many cease & desist letters and, also, demand letters with much success. Many cases can be resolved without the use of courts, administrative agencies, police and the prosecution.

Cease and Desist Letter

In short, cease & desist letters lay the basic foundation of the allege breach of law or contract, notifies the receiver of the damage to the sender and requests the receiver to do and/or stop doing something.

One of the major reasons for having a law firm send a cease & desist letter is to encourage settlement, while, also creating a paper trail for future action. Additionally, it sends the message to the recipient that you take your personal or business affairs seriously and you will not tolerate any transgressions.

A, typically, cease & desist letter is in intellectual property disputes. The sender of the letter, often, demands that the receiver removes content from the website or blog of receiver that is alleged to be in violation of the intellectual property of the sender.

These letters are most commonly utilized in trademark infringement, copyright infringement, harassment, breach of contract and landlord-tenant disputes. However, these letters can be useful in a variety of contexts. Consult with an attorney and see if a cease & desist letter is a useful tool in the resolution of your potential dispute. This law firm handles these issues in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and throughout much of Asia.

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