Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer in New York: Consider the Signs of a Great Defense Attorney

In all cases, where you are accused of a crime in New York that may lead to a sentence of time in a New York jail deportation (“crime of moral turpitude”) from the United States or may harm your future – hire, quickly, an experienced and proactive NY defense attorney. This may be the most important choice you and your family may ever make.

Since, in criminal prosecutions, no lawyer, in New York, may legally charge a contingency fee, many lawyers are not motivated by success in the matter. Some lawyers just go through the paces. Here are a few signs that you have obtained a top-flight New York Criminal Defense Lawyer.

New York Defense Lawyers

Signs of a Great Criminal Defense Attorney in New York

  • Your lawyer in New York does not work for one of the ubiquitous New York large law firms.   Some of these firms are more concerned with their reputation than yours. Some law firms are notoriously bad in criminal trials.
  • Your lawyer has a reputation as not one of the ubiquitous lawyers that handle, only, defense cases and handle many cases at the same time. Many of these lawyers are known by prosecutors as, only, attorneys that shall plea cases, thus, prosecutors realize this and the lawyer becomes useless – the prosecutor is, in reality, deciding all, since he does not fear going to trial with the matter.
  • Your New York lawyer has two or more decades experience practicing law.  If the lawyer is too inexperienced, the lawyer may not have the experience and connections necessary to handle the matter effectively and efficiently.
  • Your lawyer has experience other than criminal defense experience. A broadly experienced lawyer, often, leads to a lawyer that is more capable of thinking outside of the box. In many cases, this may be necessary to avoid jail.
  • You, always, talk directly with the retained NY lawyer and not staff and junior attorneys.   If you lawyer is directing you, consistently, to talk with a less experienced lawyer – run.  The less experienced lawyer is likely, only, doing the work and the more experienced NY lawyer is simply a rainmaker.
  • Your lawyer contacts you often, keeps you updates and has good technological systems in place.  A lawyer that never speaks, never contacts you and never meets with you is, typically, not a proactive lawyer.
  • Your lawyer speaks, but, also, listens when you talk.  Too often, lawyers, ignore clients.  Great defense lawyers in New York develop great defenses by listening and responding to clients.
  • Your lawyer in New York seems busy, but not overwhelmed.  If the lawyer seems too busy he probably is too busy to work on your matter.  Criminal cases, often, need a great deal of time.  If the lawyer is not able to spend the time to talk with you, learn about the matter, ask questions and proactively consider options, you may never be able to get the attorney to provide the time necessary to handle the matter. This is a major risk. Too many lawyers are too busy to even think.
  • Your New York lawyers office is clean, well organized and not rundown. An unorganized lawyer is a sign of an inefficient lawyer. A rundown law firm is a sign of a failing law firm. When the lawyer focuses more on the finances, than, on matters – you have a lawyer that is bound to not care about your matter, since the lawyer has is own short-term needs. Good lawyers consider each client as an opportunity to increase the lawyer’s reputation, experience and skills in the market.

If you would like a consultation with a criminal defense attorney in New York City, please Contact a Defense Attorney and Schedule a Call.

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