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Hayes & Simon, an international law firm, is offering a free initial consultation with an attorney in New York. Your legal consultation may be schedule at: Schedule a Call. The call shall be with, in most cases, New York Lawyer Sean Hayes.

Legal Consultation

Hayes & Simon, P.C.

Hayes & Simon professionals are internationally recognized for delivering tailored and effective solutions to the most rewarding opportunities and most perplexing challenges via our Strategy First  focus, intense dedication to clients and our love to assist clients in winning opportunities and resolving challenges.  Our proven success comes from street smarts, global experience, local connections and passion to consistently develop top talent.   Our Strategy First focus is proven successful, because our intense and unrelenting dedication to proactively fostering the boldest and brightest Global Experienced – Local Connected street-smart business accountants, attorneys,  engineers and consultants, thus, allowing us to excel in assisting clients to proactively capture opportunities and conquer challenges. 

Our professionals are consistently ranked top leaders by major rating agencies. The media regularly consults with us on major global business and legal issue.  Our international reputation is personified by the work of our legal, business, accounting and other professionals.  Our professionals contribute to the The Korean Law BlogThe New York Law Blog, The China Business Law Blog, are regularly quoted by major news sources and frequently publish in major legal, business and other professional journals.  These law blogs, news sources and journals are some of the most  viewed and respected sources of knowledge in the world.   

We love solving difficult problems, love cracking complex puzzles, love capturing challenging opportunities and we strive in the most rough and tumble markets in the world.    Our professionals have excelled for decades in many of the most shark-infested waters of the world because of our Global Experience – Local Connections, Strategy First Policy and the Love to Win.  We are different, we are proud, we are bold and we Win with clients.  Contact Us and see what we can do for you.   

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