New York Shareholder, Member and Partnership Business Disputes In NY: New York Business Disputes & Litigation Basics

We handle numerous New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and international shareholder and member disputes.  The main reasons for these disputes are because of tNew York Lawyer on Business Disputeshe lack of an adequate Shareholder, Operations or Partnership Agreement, the lack of due diligence or nefarious acts by a member, shareholder or controlling directors.  Analyzing whether to file a lawsuit is, often, a matter of economics.

A civil law suit at the court of first instance may take over a year.  Your attorney in New York will need to file a complaint to in a NY court, file a reply to the defendant, depose witnesses, file pre-trial requests and make numerous appearances in court and at pre-trial conferences.  The process is cumbersome, time consuming and of course will not be cheap.

Thus, we, always, sit down with our clients and do a detailed cost-benefit analyses.  Many New York law firms push to file a lawsuit for obvious reasons, however, find a lawyer that shall talk with you and carefully analysis the costs and benefits of filing a lawsuit in New York.

Always, prior to paying for litigation, sit down with a business-savvy New York street-smart lawyer and discuss if litigation is the right choice for resolving your shareholder, member or partnership dispute.

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