U.S. Government Formally Recalls Samsung Galaxy Note 7 For Dangerous Battery

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The U.S. federal government issued a formal recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices for a defective and dangerous battery.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission published a statement on its website urging owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smart phone to turn them off and stop charging devices due to explosive batteries causing fires, property damage and the potential for personal injury.

After reports of some 35 incidents of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices exploding, an investigation by Samsung found an issue with the battery cell overheating, characterized as a “very rare manufacturing process error.” The consumer warning is based on recent reports involving lithium-ion batteries resulting in fires while charging and during normal use, which has led to government’s call for consumers to power down their devices.

The Federal Aviation Administration has also issued a ban of the use of Note 7 devices on all aircraft.

Samsung had already announced its own recall for the Galaxy Note 7 following news that exploding batteries in the devices raise a real danger to its users and has been working with the American government on the recall. Samsung has also initiated an exchange program for consumers to obtain a new, safe device.

A formal recall may open the legal floodgates for claims across the country against Samsung for personal and property damage, even though the recall should effectively stop distribution of the defective product.

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