Mixed Signals On New York Online Poker Bill

New York took one step forward – and possibly two steps back – as the New York State Senate overwhelmingly passed an online gambling and poker bill, but a key lawmaker in the New York State Assembly declared the effort to pass the bill “dead.”


The New York State Senate passed a bill that would legalize online poker in New York, which would make New York the 4th state to allow its residences to gamble online. Under the proposed legislation, online poker revenue would be taxed at a 15% rate and the state would get $10 million per online poker license. Advocates for the bill call it a safe, regulated option that would generate millions in revenue for state education and other initiatives.

However, the New York State Assembly has not passed their version of the online poker legislation, with the chair of the Assembly’s racing and wagering committee, calling efforts to get it passed this legislative session “dead,” which is an indication that there are not enough votes in the legislative body to pass the bill.

It remains to be seen if online poker and gambling will become law in New York in the future, but it appears that, at least for now, New Yorkers will have to keep traveling outside of the state to play poker.

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