New York Legislature Debate: Can Uber And Lyft Expand Throughout New York State?

Uber NY Law

New York state lawmakers are debating legislation that would give motorists insurance coverage to transport passengers booking trips on ridesharing companies around New York state.

Uber and Lyft, both of whom have seen great success in New York City, have been lobbying Albany to expand their services into upstate New York.  However, New York lawmakers remain divided over how much these app-based ridesharing services should be required to pay in insurance costs.  Uber has opposed a bill emanating from the legislature, claiming that insurance costs would be too high.

Uber wants to operate state-wide to allow it to purchase insurance so that communities who want it can start welcoming its services.  However, some lawmakers believes that the ridesharing companies need to work out rules of operations with cities and towns around the state.

Unless a new agreement is reached before the end of this week, it would seem that these ridesharing companies may need to return to Albany next year when the 2017 legislative session opens if they want to expand their services throughout New York state.

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